The Secret to a Successful, Fulfilling Life

The Secret to a Successful, Fulfilling Life

Our relationships have a powerful influence on our health and emotional well-being. Successful connections with life partners, family, friends, colleagues and community can have a dramatic positive impact on every aspect of our lives.

Relationship research

The Harvard Study of Adult Development *, led by Professor Robert Waldinger, documents the results of one of the world’s longest studies of adult life. Over more than 75 years, researchers have followed 268 Harvard graduates, revealing clues to leading healthy, rewarding lives.  The study’s key finding that good relationships have a profound effect on health and happiness is a welcome revelation. It supports the assertion that nurturing and protecting our relationships is just as important for health and longevity as any other lifestyle change.

“The clearest message that we get from this 75-year study is this: Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period,” Waldinger says.

The golden rules of love

Internationally renowned life success coach Tony Robbins believes that the best relationships are founded on two people having common ground, different but symbiotic energies and compatible values. He focuses on enhancing the incredible power that a strong relationship has on our well-being.

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Tony’s advice is positive and life affirming:

-“Decide that it’s more important to be in love than to be right”

-Each day, make a point of looking for all those qualities you admire in your partner – “notice, appreciate & compliment” these always!

-Commit to constant and never ending improvement in your relationship. It’s the key to fulfilment.

-Give & forgive; draw on your compassion, courage & vulnerability.

-Always put your life partner first. When you fully develop the skill of heartfelt understanding, you become conscious of your partner’s inner life. … you feel what they feel and you will discover the deepest pleasure in your relationship.”

“Love no matter what and commit to absolute truth”.

-“Be present for your lover even during the most painful situations. Don’t just be physically present, be fully present– giving your lover your undivided focus. Stay connected!”

Real love is limitless 

The most successful relationships are undoubtedly those that honor the sanctity of the ‘couple’ while also allowing for individual growth, development and freedom. When respect, openness and honesty remain at the heart of the union, both parties are inspired to fulfil their ambitions and dreams.

Personal development coaches and bloggers Marc and Angel Chernoff advocate freedom in love. In an enlightening blog post entitled One Thing Real Love Never Does to You, Marc writes about the importance of not placing limitations on love. He says that: “real love never limits you, it doesn’t restrict you, it doesn’t try to change you, it doesn’t entitle you, or anyone, to anything”.

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Relationships that grow and stand the test of time are those based on the trust and respect of two free and unbounded individuals.

The secret then to achieving longevity, fulfilment and joy can be found in the power of limitless love and genuine relationships.


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