Healing Burnout with Dr. Merryn Thomae

Healing Burnout with Dr. Merryn Thomae

“Burnout” can strike anyone, at any age – Even those people who seem to have achieved great success in all aspects of their lives.

Through my experience in helping clients suffering from Burnout in addition to my own personal experience, I’ve developed straightforward yet effective strategies for healing, recovery and resurgence.

Using these strategies, I’ve created the Healing Burnout Workshop to not only help fast-track the healing process but to provide you with the tools to create a life you love.

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What is burnout?

There are three main symptoms:

  1. Feeling physically and emotionally fatigued.
  2. Feeling disconnected or isolated – like no one really understands what’s going on with you.
  3. Feeling depressed and/or angry. There’s a bit of a cross over between burnout, depression and even anxiety.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, I recommend you see a Health Care Provider for a full medical assessment, because there can be physical conditions, as well as mental health conditions that contribute to a sense of burnout.

Once diagnosed with burnout, the first question to ask is: ‘How did I get to this point of burnout?’ A counsellor can help you delve into your past and pinpoint the life events and circumstances that have lead to your burnout.

Work/Life [im]balance can be a huge contributor. The ‘connected’ world in which we now live and work means we never really ‘switch off.’ Clients and colleagues can reach you, literally 24/7, including weekends and holidays! That can absolutely contribute to burnout.

Lack of fulfillment can also contribute to burnout.

During my workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to complete a ‘Values Assessment,’  which will help you determine the root causes of your burnout. That’s the first step toward healing.

I’ll also help you discover and focus on activities that energise you and help you and identify your goals and move toward a feeling a fulfillment and wellbeing.

Take the course at your own pace and in your own time. And I’m always here to answer your questions along the way.

So, what are you waiting for? Start the ‘Healing Burnout’ Workshop today!

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